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We were sick and tired of being sick and tired....

Before Keto, we were stressed out, exhausted, moody, had constant energy crashes, coffee breaks, cravings, brain fog, and little energy to give to the things we really valued like family, friends, health, and just living life!

The Keto Diet was the initial game changer for us. It wasn't just another diet that had the latest 'shake up' of foods, it finally addressed the root of the problems.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Our Story

We started this blog to share what we learned, in hopes that it could help others achieve happier and healthier lives. Everyone is different, and has different issues, struggles and personal health goals. However we beleive that with proper nutrition and holistic lifestyle habits it is absolutely possible to have all the energy and health we could ever want.

Before all this we struggled with an endless whirl wind of issues including leaky gut, IBS, hormonal imbalances, constant infections and illnesses, pure exhaustion, constant digestive complications and stomach issues, battling an eating disorder, inflammation, food intolerances to just about everything, incredible brain fog, depression, and unexplained weight gain and loss.

Being sick and tired daily was frustrating, time consuming and soul-sucking. After 10 years of researching, experimenting, trying every diet under the sun, professional appointments, experts, books, nutrition classes and more we finally pieced it together and solved the root of all of our issues with one solution.

What we take into our bodies matters and how we move our bodies matters too. With the Keto diet and proper lifestyle habits we were able to turn " I feel Sick and Tired" into " I have more Energy than I know What to Do with!"

What's most important is that we gain the time back to do the things we actually want to do and live the lives we wanted to live instead of dealing with time-consuming health issues.

Living Healthy , Laughing Lots, Loving Big- and most importantly feeling great inside and out!

We look forward to meeting and chatting with you here on the Keto and Muscles Blog!

More About Us


I'm Trish your Keto Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Girl. Living on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Where I create delicious recipes, answer keto questions and support you in every way possible to improve your energy, health and lifestyle! Some of my favourite things are Coffee (Keto Style), Books, and Nature Walks.

Jeff is your Personal Trainer. He loves Extreme Sports, Food, and Trail Mix. Be sure to watch the blog for his fitness videos!

Together we make a team who is passionate about Complete Health – Inside and Out!


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