Keto Approved Starter Pack

Lose Weight, Increase Energy, and Boost Brain Power on the Keto Diet.

'Keto-Approved' Starter Pack

[ 30-Day Meal Plan + Keto Recipes E-Book + Grocery Lists & "Keto-Flu" Help Guide ]

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Introducing the 'Keto-Approved' Starter Pack. This 30-Day Meal Plan and Recipes E-book. Will save you time on meal planning, grocery shopping and peace of mind, because it's all Keto-Approved!

This Awesome Pack Includes:

+ 30-Day Meal Plan with Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.

+ Keto Approved Recipe E-book with all the recipes you need for the meal plans (+ Bonus Recipes).

+ Keto-Friendly Grocery Lists.


+ "Keto-Flu" Help Guide

This guide will help you minimize or completely eliminate sugar withdrawal symptoms. When adjusting to the keto diet it is common to experience withdrawal and detox symptoms in the first two weeks, many symptoms are similar to flu-like symptoms. However, with this guide you will be able to alleviate the most common keto-flu symptoms that may arise, with a simple to use chart of symptoms and simple remedies.


Improves Energy Levels

Switching from using sugar as our main source of fuel to using fat as our main source of fuel has a great impact on our energy capacity. It's a longer and sustainable energy vs. a quick burst and a crash.

Mental Clarity

Our brains actually prefer running on fat. Increasing fat and utilizing ketones helps the brain to function better.

Weight Loss

When we eat carbs, we trigger a cycle in our bodies that communicate to the 'fat storing' hormones. If we decrease our carbs we will no longer trigger this reaction and will start burning what we have already stored on our bodies.

Decreases Hunger

A high-fat diet helps trigger feelings of fullness. Also, when we eat fewer carbs our insulin does not spike and cause a roller-coaster effect, no more "hangry".

Controls Blood Sugar

We are no longer on the sugar roller-coaster and our blood sugar remains steady on the keto diet.


The keto diet has been shown to alleviate inflammation and pain. Anti-inflammatory diets are helpful for ailments such as Arthritis, Hasimotos, IBS, Gout and other auto-immune diseases.


'Keto-Approved' Starter Pack