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The Keto Grocery List [Beginner-Friendly!]

Download Keto Grocery List – [FREE PDF] 🛒 Shopping for Keto-Friendly foods doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s mostly just about understanding the basics. The TWO Fundamental Concepts of the Keto Diet are: Decrease Carbohydrates and Increase Healthy Fats. DECREASE CARBS In order to get into keto properly we must significantly decrease our carbohydrate intake. Ideally we are aiming for a total of 20-30grams of Carbs per day Total. This automatically eliminates carb-heavy foods such as bread, pasta, pastries, rice and potatoes. Increase Healthy Fats Most of the time we don’t include enough healthy fats into our diets. Healthy fats have…

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How to Start the Keto Diet (+ Menu Plan)

Introduction to the Keto Diet + A Little History The Keto Diet has been helping people increase physical energy, mental clarity, lose weight, control blood sugar levels, decrease inflammation and improve a wide variety of ailments. It’s fundamentally a real food diet that cuts down on the excess sugar and refined carbohydrates that have tip toed their way into our bodies. The Diet began as a medically prescribed diet for those struggling with epilepsy. Researchers found that higher fat content in the diet and lower carbohydrate intake improved brain function and reduced the number of episodes for those struggling with epilepsy….

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Keto Mistakes: Fats that are actually Toxic

In 1897, a French Chemist named Paul Sabatier was working and stumbled upon a reaction that would change the food industry for the next 150 years. He discovered that a trace of nickel would facilitate hydrogen molecules to attach to carbon compounds. Effectively de-naturing it from its original state. This process became known as hydrogenation. It was later introduced into the food industry because it created solids from liquids and added incredible shelf-life. When Vegetable Oils undergo the hydrogenation process they become solid, easier to transport and have an exceptionally long shelf life. Partially hydrogenated oils began to be used…

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Does Keto Give you High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is imperative to our cells and a building block of our hormones. It has been branded a ‘killer’ but without it, our cells would become frail. There is, however, an important distinction between Good and Bad Cholesterol. Good Cholesterol helps us and our cells to function well, but Bad Cholesterol can lead to plaque building up on artery walls causing heart troubles. Interestingly, France and other European Countries consume significantly more healthy fats and have higher cholesterol rates, but they also have lower rates of heart disease, heart attacks and longer lifespans. Previously,…

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